‘Family Huddle’ tells the Mannings’ story of family and football

Football was a huge part of my life growing up. My dad was a junior college football champ, and football was a constant on Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings in the fall. Some of my fondest memories involved tossing the pigskin with my dad in the backyard. For this reason, I’m not shy about plugging this book.

Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning, all star NFL quarterbacks, have put together a children’s book called ‘Family Huddle’ about playing football and being a family.

The family has created their own mini-dynasty in pro football. The father, Archie, was a Pro Bowl quarterback. Chances are good that Peyton and Eli will go head to head this year for the Super Bowl as quarterbacks of the Giants and Colts respectively. So it’s nice to see them go back to their roots of throwing passes in the family’s backyard and even spreading some family values while they’re at it.

The book features three brothers growing up in Louisiana, playing football under their parents’ watchful gaze. Just in time for football season!