Where can one get their DNA tested for genealogical purposes?

Question by Carl L: Where can one get their DNA tested for genealogical purposes?
I have heard that DNA testing for genealogical purposes has gotten affordable. I want to find out what my true racial makeup is as being German – Irish I should be light skinned and fair but have olive skin and dark features. I’m skeptical of some of the companies that I find on line and don’t want to waste my money. What are some reputable companies?

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Answer by Lara
Ancestry is supposed to be fairly reliable, but one word of advice – make sure you read up what you get in terms of results. The cheaper tests will come back with vaguer results. The more you pay, the more markers they test, meaning you get a more in-depth result.

You can also get different types of test. One test, the Y-chromosome test, looks at your paternal line (only males can take this test, so if you were a woman, you would have to ask a father or a brother to take it for you), and another, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test, looks at the genes passed down from mother to child. Both sons and daughters inherit their mothers genes in this case, but the males can’t pass it on to their children, which is why it’s a test that only tells you about the females in your line(both males and females can take this test).

It sounds like you’re onto the right thing here, though the test might not be able to tell if you’re German, for example, but simply ” North European”. You would have to look further into the details to see what results they would give you; and remember that they can’t necessarily trace back your family for you, but only the origins of your line.

You might like to keep an eye on the offers though, because I know this time last year, they were offering the Y-chromosome test for half price. If you can save money, why not wait a bit? Your genes aren’t going anywhere…


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